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  • Secure

    Highly encrypted and secure cloud storage to keep your data safe

  • Smart

    Automatically saves multiple versions with all the changes for a given file

  • Seamless

    Multi-device upload, access and synchronization of your data in real time

Start Storing Smart

Join the new era of smart storage by saving all your precious data on the cloud. With Remo Backup you never have to worry about carrying your storage drive or concern yourself with storage drive failure. With state of the art encryption technology your data on Remo Backup is vaulted with highest standards. Accessible through application or a browser, you can effortlessly save any data from any device.

What Remo Backup has to Offer you

  • Limitless Accessibility

    Accessibility is never an issue with Remo Backup. Regardless of the device or platform, you can easily save and manage your data on Remo Backup application or just any browser.

  • File Versioning

    This unique feature saves and keep a track of multiple versions of the file which can also be regarded as old copies. Hence you can handpick the required version of the file based on the timestamps of the changes made.

  • Assured Protection Against Intrusion

    Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers Remo Backup utilizes end to end channel with AES 256 standard encryption to perform any data transaction on to the cloud storage drive. This ensures complete protection against any kind of intrusions and cyber-attacks like Ransomware.

Key Features

  • Real time synchronization

    Remo Backup creates a default sync folder. Any changes made to the files that saved on sync folder are reflected across all the connected devices in real time i.e that very second.

  • One click uploads from Productivity apps

    You can install the Remo Backup cloud storage add ins on your productivity applications such as MS Excel or Word and sync the files directly on to the cloud storage drive in a single click.

  • Scheduled backup

    Integrated with a scheduled backup feature, the backup suite saves you the trouble of manually backing up data. Remo cloud Backup can help you do automatic backup on a monthly, weekly or even hourly basis.

How to Setup Remo Backup Cloud Storage?

Register on Remo Backup and login to your account

Download Remo Backup cloud storage setup through your account

Double click on the setup file and follow the usual installation procedure to complete the installation process.

Note: Before initiating the installation process please save and close all the Microsoft applications such as Word, Power Point, Excel.

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