Remo ZIP for Mac

  • Dynamic and Secure tool to compress files on Mac
  • Offers 10 different compression levels (SuperFast to Best)
  • Ability to create and open ZIP file formats
  • Enables you to update an existing .zip or .zipx files
  • Supports 64-Bit Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) & above

*Free demo allows to create zip files upto 4GB

Create and manage ZIP Archive on Mac

Remo ZIP for Mac is the perfect File Compression tool that can compress your files and folders in an effective and secure way. Files with larger size and are needed to be sent over internet can be easily compressed without any loss of precession with Remo ZIP for Mac. It provides two different options i.e. .zip and .rzip formats to store the compressed files. It utilizes the most powerful compression algorithms to compress the files accurately and then decompress it effortlessly whenever you want to read or extract them.

Significant features of Remo ZIP Mac

  • Successfully compress any number of files without any loss of precision
  • Provides 10 different levels of compression based on the need one can choose accordingly
  • Generates ZIP file in two different extensions i.e. .zip and .rzip
  • Allows you to update the existing ZIP file, hence, you can add or delete files from the existing .zip, .rzip and also .zipx files
  • Compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and above (64-Bit only)

Remo ZIP Pro version:

Remo ZIP is also available in a Pro Edition, providing you with more sophisticated features:

  • Ability to create compressed files of more than 4 GB
  • Compress a single file or multiple files into a ZIP file within few seconds
  • Secure your .rzip and .zip file with password protection
  • Supports Standard, AES Encryption 128-Bit, 192-Bit and 256-Bit encryption

To purchase or upgrade Remo ZIP to Pro version click here.

Why File Compression is needed?

As said above, file compression reduces the overall size of your files when compared to before compressing them. Some of the core reasons for file compression are:

  • Reduce the Storage Space: Compressed files utilize less storage space. That is when you compress a file, the file size after compressing will reduce by 20% to 90% when compared to the uncompressed formats. Hence, in order to reduce the storage space and manage the available memory space effectively, you need to compress the files.
  • Easy File Transfer: While sending large sized file through net, some email clients may have size limitations and thus, doesn’t allow you to send them, thus you can compress the files accordingly and send your file.
  • Minimized Transfer Time: When you have numerous files to be sent online, you will have to attach and send each file separately. With Remo ZIP software you can easily compress all these files into a single compressed and archived folder and send all the files at once with one single command, thus minimizing the transfer time.
  • Reduces the risk of corruption: Sending all the files in an uncompressed format will increase the risk of corrupting or damaging your files. Hence, with compression you can easily and securely transfer your files.

Why Remo ZIP Mac?

  • Creates a compressed ZIP file within just few simple steps
  • Provides an option to split your ZIP files into any number of pieces, making it easier to transfer or store
  • It is a dynamic tool that permits users to add or delete files to the existing ZIP file
  • Allow users to choose the level of security of their compressed file by providing four different encryption levels
  • Assists 24 / 7 professional technical assistance to the customers

Step by Step Procedure

Once you download and run Remo ZIP for Mac on your Mac machine, just follow the below mentioned steps to compress your files into a ZIP file:

  • Launch the software
  • The main screen appears with two options “Create a new RZIP File” and “Open / Upgrade RZIP File”, select the first option to create a ZIP file
  • Provide the name of the file to be created by using “Specify File name” option
  • A dialog box with two file formats “.zip” and “.rzip” appears, select the appropriate one and hit “OK”
  • Also provide the location of the ZIP file, where you need it to be saved
  • In case you need to split the files in two or more ZIP files, then make use “Split files” option and also select the size limit of each ZIP file
  • Now choose an appropriate compression level from the list
  • You can also protect your ZIP file by selecting the “Set Password” option and password protect it
  • A list of four encryption levels appears choose one among them based on the security level required
  • Now press “Next” button
  • Select the files either by hitting the “Add files” and “Add Folders” tabs or by just dragging and dropping the files, which you need to compress
  • Now click on “Compress” option, to start the compression process
  • After completion a confirmation message will be displayed
  • To update or add new file /folder to the ZIP file, just click on “Open / Upgrade RZIP File” option from the main screen and hit the “Add files” or “Add Folders” option

Important Note: Features like split files, set password and encryption will only be available in the upgraded version of Remo ZIP for Mac.


Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit) and Mountain Lion 10.8 (64-bit)

Compression Levels:

  • Superfast compression
  • Fast compression
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Best Compression
Encryptionoption provided:
  • Standard Encryption
  • AES Encryption (128 bits)
  • AES Encryption (192bits)
  • AES Encryption (256 bits)

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