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AVI Repair Tool | Fix Corrupt, Damaged, And Broken AVI Files

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  • Easily repair corrupt, damaged, broken, or unplayable AVI files in 3 clicks
  • Safely repair AVI, Xvid, and DivX files captured on any camera, DSLR, drone, etc
  • Remo AVI Repair tool provides a free preview of the repaired AVI videos
  • Supports all the versions of Windows and Mac including Windows 11 and Big Sur

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Remo Repair AVI Software | Repair AVI, DivX, and Xvid File

Safe Video Repair

Remo Repair AVI is a read-only mode tool that ensures the safety of AVI video while repairing it. This tool repairs corrupt or damaged AVI files without altering the original content.

Repair Precision

Remo Repair AVI tool works with robust algorithms that easily repairs your corrupt, damaged, or broken AVI videos. This software also repairs large-sized AVI videos effortlessly.

Fix Multiple Errors

Remo AVI Video Repair tool repairs AVI videos of different corruptions like damaged AVI file header, broken AVI index, unplayable AVI, audio-video sync problem, codec issues, etc.

Quickly Repairs AVI File

Remo AVI Repair software easily repairs AVI, Xvid, and DivX video files. No matter the severity of AVI video corruption, this AVI video repair tool takes only 3 steps to fix them.


Repair AVI File Securely

Remo Repair AVI software not only guarantees a playable AVI video but also follows a one-hundred percent safe process to repair the AVI files. This AVI video repair tool creates a copy of the corrupt AVI video and then performs the repairing process on it. This process of video repairing ensures no further damage is made to your original AVI file.

Fix Damage, Corrupt or Broken AVI video

Remo AVI file repair tool easily repairs damaged, corrupt, or broken AVI files. The advanced algorithms of this tool make it simple to fix any severe AVI video corruption like AVI video not playing, broken or missing index, choppy AVI videos, AVI file corruption, audio-video sync, bad frame, codec error, AVI freeze, header corruption, and many more.

A User-Friendly Interface

Remo Repair AVI is a user-friendly tool to repair AVI files easily. This tool comes with the self-explanatory steps that are simple to understand. Even a novice user can operate this video repair tool without any difficulty. All you need to do is to select the .avi video that needs to be fixed and hit the Repair button.

Automatically Identifies Error

Unlike other AVI Repair software, Remo Repair AVI works with powerful AVI algorithms that analyze the corrupt AVI video. These coded algorithms thoroughly understand the error to automatically fix it with ease. Be it audio-video out of sync, AVI file damage, or broken index error. This AVI Repair software easily analyzes and repairs the AVI file.

Offers Free Preview

Remo AVI video repair software is free to download. And offers a preview of the repaired AVI video for free. This way it not only helps you to verify the quality of the repaired AVI video. But also assists you to make a buying decision based on its performance.

Why Remo AVI Repair Tool?

  • Fix AVI, Xvid, and DivX

    Remo Repair AVI not only repairs AVI files but also repairs Xvid and DivX files with ease. As this AVI repair tool works on a read-only mechanism, it ensures no alteration is done to the original AVI file.

  • Just 3 clicks to Repair AVI file

    Irrespective of the AVI video file size, type of corruption, and the severity of the damage. Remo AVI Repair software quickly repairs corrupt AVI, Xvid, and DivX files in just 3 clicks.

  • 24/7 AVI Repair Assistance

    Remo has an expert tech team that is reachable 24/7 to help you solve your queries. At any time you can take the help of the Remo Tech Team related to AVI repairing, product installation, etc.

An Overview Of Repairing AVI Video

AVI video (.avi) format is a widely preferred video format among many internet users for sharing videos because it uses less compression compared to other video formats. Irrespective of the functionality of the AVI videos, these AVI files are prone to corruption due to various reasons. Some of the common causes for AVI file corruption are virus infection, bad sectors, abrupt computer shutdown or interruption while transferring AVI videos, etc. However, by making use of the Remo Repair AVI tool, you can fix corrupt, damaged, or broken AVI videos with ease.

Even though you can make use of the VLC Media Player to fix minor AVI video corruption. But in severe AVI file corruption cases, VLC Player cannot help you fix the AVI video. Apart from this, VLC Player repairs minor AVI corruptions only while playing the AVI video on it. This means fixing AVI videos permanently using the VLC Player is not possible and hence you cannot play the VLC repaired AVI video on any media player like Windows Media Player.

In such a case it is recommended to use the Remo Repair AVI, which is the best video repair software when it comes to fixing multiple AVI errors permanently.

How To Repair AVI File?

You are just 3 steps away from repairing your AVI, Xvid, and DivX files. Download the Remo Repair AVI tool and perform the below steps:




Remo Repair AVI software to fix AVI files

Selecting corupt AVI files to repair using Remo Repair AVI

Saving repaired AVI videos using Remo Repair AVI

Visit the video repair resource section to know more about different AVI video corruption scenarios and the easiest way to fix AVI.

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