Remo Data Recovery Software for Windows

Excellent 4.5 stars (18 Reviews)
  • Recover files, photos, videos, etc. from any Windows computer
  • Powerful dual scanning modes that can help you recover deleted or formatted partitions
  • Supports data recovery across ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5
  • Safely recover data even from crashed computers or corrupt hard drive
  • Four varied Editions designed to match specific requirements

Recover Files, Photos, Videos, Documents etc.

With Remo File Recovery Tool you can recover files of any file format from your Windows computer. Yes, Remo helps you recover more than 300 types of files like photos, videos, audios, documents, etc.

Expert Review

Remo Data Recovery is pretty useful and capable of recovering deleted or lost files, folders, and partitions. If you are in need of recovering data or if you just want to be on the safe side while dealing with the worst possible situations, then do give Remo Data Recovery software a try.

Customer Review

I used Remo to recover files from a TOSHIBA 600GB external drive. Before trying REMO, I tried three other software tools which were unsuccessful to recover anything but less than 100 files. Fortunately, Remo helped recover thousands of files (photos and music files) from the disk which had extensive bad sectors and could not be read by Windows.

Written By Kostas Papadopoulos

Recover Data from Corrupt or Damaged Drives

Remo Data Recovery Software not only helps you recover deleted or lost files but gets back data even from severe data loss scenarios formatted or damaged partitions.

Expert Review

During our tests, the Remo Recover performed excellently in recovering our deleted files …This can also be very useful for those who have missing partitions, as well as those who may have deleted these by accident.

Customer Review

This software saved my life. I had lost a 22GB Pst file of one of employees in the company and this software has recovered 100% of it, even after re-imaged the Hard Drive. For me it was a miracle!! I had to purchase the Pro Version for that but it worth. Thanks for the support, the guys there are very helpful!!

Written By Bruno Braga

Get Back Your Data from Any Storage Device

Remo Recover is designed with an advanced scan engine that can work seamlessly across various storage devices like hard drives, SSD, SD card, USB that supports Windows.

Expert Review

Remo Recover is a standard file recovery tool; it’s reliable, fast, and you can use it to selectively recover files. What makes it stand out is its pay for what you need model. The app is perfectly capable of recovering files from an internal or external drive, it can also recover photos from drives or even SD cards, and it can recover entire partitions even if they’ve been formatted or overwritten by a new OS installation.

Customer Review

Using the Pro version of the software has allowed me to recover drives that we thought were destroyed on many occasions. As a media producer working with flash drives, memory cards and hard drives while on the go constantly, we can't live without this software.

Written By Don Weir

Just Scan-Preview-Recover

Data recovery is no longer a myth when you have Remo by your side. Remo Recover Windows helps you to recover your all your precious data in a simple three step process; Scan-Preview-Recover.

Expert Review

Remo Recover is a solid data recovery software, with an easy-to-use interface and a lot of useful features... for the Pro Edition, which is definitely what you should be aiming for since it’s the only one that can perform a more advanced data recovery (raw data, partitions, and so on).

Customer Review

Having accidentally deleted a huge number of folders in Windows 10 I sought help from Remo Software. I downloaded their file recovery program which has very clear instructions. This quickly instantly produced a list of the deleted folders and files. Nick and Matt gave me very prompt and detailed email assistance to restore the files to the hard drive. I recommend this system to anyone wishing to recover files.

Written By Walter McFarlane

24/7 Technical Assistance

Well trained technical support is available round the clock to assist you in data recovery regardless of the complexity of the problem. Remo Support team is known for its professionalism and ensures smooth data recovery experience eliminating any hiccups in securing your data.

Customer Review

If you are looking for dependable file recovery software, Remo software is an excellent product. I have used the software for about 1 year and was completely satisfied. The software works as advertised and is backed by a quick and helpful customer service team. Highly recommended.

Written By James McDaniel

Customer Review

I tried probably 15-20 different tools before I settled on this one. The aspect that made it the winner for me was the responsiveness of the support team and their ability to assist me in a timely manner.

Written By Scott Edwards

Key Features

Powerful Dual Scanning Modes

Remo Windows Data Recovery Software is powered by a dual scan mode enabled engine. The two types of scanning modes namely normal scan and deep scan; Normal scan is for less severe data loss scenarios and can quickly recover your deleted or lost data whereas with Deep Scan the tool dives into every sector of the hard drive to recover data that is lost due to severe damage or corruption to the drive.

Complete Partition Recovery

Be it formatted partitions or accidentally deleted partitions, Remo Recover Pro can recover your partitions as well. Data lost during reformatting the partitions with different file systems or data lost during increasing or decreasing the size of partitions, be it any complex data loss scenarios- Remo Recover Pro is all you need. The tool supports recovery of data from formatted ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.

Recover Anytime with Save Recovery Session

When you are performing data recovery on a formatted or damaged hard drive, the time taken to scan each sector of the hard drive to recover your data is quite long. Hence, to avoid the rescanning of the drive which in turn saves huge time for the users, Remo Recover has an option of saving the recovery session. With Saved recovery sessions, you need not spend your valuable time scanning the drive every time to get back your data.

Preview Evaluate and Purchase

All the four versions of Remo Recover come with a built in feature to preview the recovered data. After each completion of the scanning process the tool will display the recovered data in File Type View and Data Type View. You can choose to evaluate the success rate of data recovery with Remo Recover. Hence, Remo Recover is free to download and free to try data recovery software which lets you try before you buy.


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How to Recover Data with Remo Data Recovery Software for Windows?

To recover data with the help of Remo Data Recovery Software, first you need to download and install Remo Data Recovery software. After completion of the installation process, click on finish and follow the below steps:


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